Trekking Gear Center
Trekking Gear Center.

In Nepal Guides and porters are the backbones of Nepali Trekking industry. But for these people there is no any help from government officials and even by the Trekking Agencies who use these professionals for the security and safety of life.

The real condition of Guide and Porters in Nepal is very poor and dangers because they are working without any safety and security of life. Due to poverty, lack of knowledge of the workers and lack of Trekking Gear Center in Nepal. Considering this situation MAP Nepal Travels and Tours itself is starting to minimize the accident in trekking for the safety and security o f porters and guide in Nepal.

As we understand and realize Porters and Guide are the real backbones of the Nepali Trekking Industry. To improve the working condition and to create the sustainable future of Nepali trekking porters, Nepali trekking companies has the key responsibility and opportunities to create the brighter future of porters’ if we became interested just helping by providing the equipment like Trekking Shoes ( boots) it will be great and good for the life and security of the workers.

MAP Nepal is a sustainable Travel company in Nepal. Looking the real condition and problem of porter and Guides of Nepal it is now launching Trekking Gear Center in own office to facilitate the porters and Guides of Nepal. With the motive to help and to take care life of the workers MAP Nepal is started its own Trekking Gear center. In this center we provide Trekking shoes and sleepers for porters and Guides. With the ultimate objectives of each of our program is to minimize the occurrence of preventable illnesses and fatalities among porters in Nepal.

MAP-Nepal is a Sustainable Travel company established with the support of Traveler' MAP (headquater in Korea) to invigorate the Sustainable Tourism in Nepal.

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